Archief op november 30, 2016

Congres Positieve Psychologie: mijn 5 take aways!


Ik ga er weer in mijn uppie heen, bijna gezwicht om met een groep te gaan want alleen is maar alleen. Maar als ik alleen ga is de kans op bijzondere ontmoetingen veel groter is mijn filosofie. Die ook deze keer weer uitkwam! Daarover later meer. Oja, je kunt ook mijn video verslag bekijken!

Ben jij benieuwd naar al die goede ideeën uit de positieve psychologie? Als je trainer, coach of therapeut bent moet dat haast wel! Meer lezen

Science of Circuittraining


Eight or more years ago I wrote an article – in Dutch – voor Strength training magazine about Circuittraining. After re reading it it is still very valid in my opion. The following topics are discussed:

  • the benefits of Circuit training
  • examples of different Circuits like Gymnastic Circuit, PHA Circuit, Fight Gone Bad Circuit and the famous Weigthlifting Aerobic Circuit (WAC)
  • Especially now with Crossfit you have to check out the beauty of WAC where Olympic Weightlifting Skills are used for conditioning and techniqual Oly skill development. It was created by my former collegqu Tom Bruijnen.
  • Hybrid Circuit training theory from the world famous Juan Carlos Santana (MEd,CSCS) swho wrote a great article about it in the NSCA journal.

On you tube you can also find video,s about WAC although I dont know if they where autorized by Tom Bruijnen. Also founder of Crossfit Greg Glasman has a great video about the development of FGB which was created for UFC fighter BJ Penn.